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Video production is nothing new to businesses and marketers. In fact, 70% of marketing professionals agree that videos convert to leads better than any other type of content. The phenomenon that is YouTube continues to grow, with its watch-time increasing 50% year-on-year – yet only a tiny percentage of small businesses produce videos to use as a strategic marketing tool. It’s important to keep these statistics in mind; if you want to grow your business, video content is something you need to consider.


Great reasons for creating a video

  • Videos are persuasive, as they engage people’s emotions. Studies have shown that people are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video about it.
  • Build credibility and trust – use videos to speak to your potential clients in a language they understand.
  • Reach beyond your peers. YouTube and Facebook videos are viewed by millions of people every day, far beyond your own family and friends.
  • Video content lays the foundation if you are looking to reach the global market.
  • Videos are incredibly easy to share – clients who like your video content will share it with their friends.
  • Videos are great for SEO. They can be optimised to make sure search engines understand what your video is about.
  • They are perfect for the mobile environment. Clients can watch your video wherever they are.
  • Videos are predicted to hit the top 5 must-do tasks to compete in online sales.

There are thousands of websites and blogs that wax lyrical about the many reasons you need video content on your website. Hubspot have put together an easy-to-understand infographic about video content here.

Use social media to your advantage

59% of Australians use social media every day, and yet only 47% of small businesses have a social media presence.
52% of social media users use it 5 or more times a day. There is boundless insight to be gained from analysing statistics related to social media usage – so use it to your advantage.
Our social media programs extract the important information from these statistics to form a strategy for your business. In an increasingly complex and noisy world, we keep it simple to get a strong message across for your business.


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