This Ferrari Supercar is a massive stretch for most buyers

Pull over all you stretch Lincolns, Cadillacs and Ford Fairlanes; there’s a new stretch limo hitting the road and it’ll be past you before you can say ‘Was that what I think it was?’

And yes, we’ve had plenty of weird and wonderful stretch limo creations: the stretch VW Combivan, the stretch Mini Cooper and the ridiculous stretch Trabant, but they too can pull over and admire this staggering addition to the luxury limousine community.  

Introducing the 2003 Ferrari 360 Modena luxury limousine: a Prancing Horse ready to gallop over every predecessor in all its elongated supercar glory.

Yes, a stretch Ferrari!

If you’ve always associated the Ferrari brand with speed, elegance and a spectacular lack of seating capacity, think again. Australian super-elongator Scott Marshall has turned a tiny Ferrari supercar into a stretched limousine party car comfortably seating eight revelers, two televisions, state-of-the-art audio and a lavish minibar complete with dazzling neon lights. Why? Why not if you have the talent to elongate beautiful cars in even vaguely practical ways?

But first, you may be asking…

What’s a Ferrari 360 Modena?

In its normal form, the Ferrari 360 Modena is a two-seater, 3.6 litre V8 supercar designed and built by renowned Italian manufacturer Ferrari between 1999 and 2005 and named after the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari himself. Had Enzo been born in Slough, England, the Ferrari 360 would have had far less attractive branding.

While it was duly superseded by the 360 Spider in 2005, the 360 Modena has remained dear to Ferrari fans due to not being named after a creepy arachnid.

So, the obvious question…

Why on earth would you stretch a Ferrari?

Well, because you love Ferraris. That would be a good starting point. And maybe you love Ferraris so much you want to share your Ferrari fascination with as many people as possible as quickly as possible. A seating capacity of two can’t accommodate such a desire. An eight-seater Ferrari, however, can fast track it immeasurably.

So cut your Modena in half with a hacksaw, add your custom limo extension with aluminum and fibreglass, throw in a couple of gull-wing doors at the rear for good measure and Bob’s your very rich uncle.

How fast can you drive a stretch Ferrari?

While it may be the fastest stretch limo doing the rounds, let’s be practical. There are a few impediments to testing that question out in any legitimate way. The first of these are called ‘speed limits’, those pesky restrictions designed to keep you and everybody around you alive. Even a normal-sized Ferrari has to treat these with respect, and it does make you wonder: Why buy a car that can go 280 kilometres per hour when the best it can hope for is 110 on the freeway and the rest of the time it will be tootling about at 40 or 50 around town?

The other issue facing the stretch Ferrari enthusiast is its undeniable elongation. While it can seat eight comfortably, sharp corners on narrow roads are best not handled at speed when you’re driving the equivalent of a souped-up bus.

Are there any passenger issues with a stretch Ferrari?

Well, let’s face it; 0-100kph in less than 5 seconds is going to spill a few martinis. And even if the car’s drastic elongation and greater weight have clipped a second or two off its impressive acceleration, your limo guests will still end up in a tangled heap without a restrained approach to green traffic lights.

Of course, if the need for speed proves too great, you can always strap limo guests in like fighter pilots and make them drink their banana daiquiris out of baby bottles.  

How much will the Ferrari 360 Modena limo set you back?

At around AUS$400,000 it’s a stretch for most people as you can buy a decent house for that in most places that aren’t Sydney or Melbourne. And if you have a large family, a nice, practical Kia Sorento will be higher on your shopping list than a stretched super car with a fully-stocked bar, especially if most of your kids are under twelve. That said, the Ferrari 360 Modena super-stretch is currently on the CarSales market. If it makes you think twice about ferrying the kids to school in that conservative Sorento, have a look. If the idea of running your own mobile party business in a larger-than-life Italian icon has appeal, have an even closer look.

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