Part 2: Get more from your online marketing in 2020!

Part Two

Here is the second in a two part series on how to make 2020 a bumper year online. In part one we covered the critical subject of engagement, so if you haven’t read that yet, have a read now and we’ll see you back here shortly.

Righto, onwards and upwards.

Go goodwill hunting

You might say this is an adjunct to the engagement methods already covered. However, it’s more at the sales end of the process than the wooing end.

Hence our first piece of advice: send customers a ‘Thank you’ email when they buy. And don’t worry, you don’t have to write these emails, they can be totally automated and populated with personal details such as their name (obviously) and what they bought. If you’re super high tech, you can even suggest upsell purchases to complement their buying history.

Aside from all that, it’s good customer service to say thanks and makes people feel appreciated.

Another goodie: acknowledge important dates – birthdays, Easter, Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day – with a short, sharp and cherry email. Oh, and do let everyone know if there are any changes to your operating hours, delivery times and general customer service during holiday periods. It might seem a small thing, but the small things show you care.

If you really want to engage and enhance your touchy-feely image, send short video messages. These can be from just you as Chief Pixie of a one person operation or your whole team.

And remember, the online business world can be a very impersonal place; there’s none of that proper human interaction we used to take for granted in all those last century, real world shops. Video messages help you rise above the facelessness of cyberspace and give your business a genuinely human point of difference.

By the way, if you’re shaking your head and saying “I have neither the skills nor the money to do ANY of this!” don’t worry. All of these things can be set up and managed for far less than you think.

Hone your online sales tools

This is super important. If you want a stampede of people to buy your products, you HAVE to make it child’s play to do so. With all due respect, online shoppers have the attention span of a gnat. They’re bombarded with options and shopping online really is like being in New York, Paris, London, Italy, Sydney, Hong Kong, China and Japan all at once, and without the airfares.

One click of a mouse and your customer can be in any famous boutique, department store or discount superstore they choose. And what’s disappeared into cyberspace as a result?


No one waits for anything anymore; if we can’t get it right now, tomorrow or, at worst, this week, we’re not interested. Sad, but true and you need to embrace that harsh reality of the digital age to compete.

So what does that mean in nuts and bolts?

Make sure your shopping cart doesn’t have wonky wheels

Your website has to have a user-friendly shopping cart with the right payment options. And that means all the major credit cards and PayPal. Keep it simple with just a few clicks to checkout and purchase.

Make sure you can deliver at cyber-speed

If your product can be accessed via a straight download, no problem. If you have to deliver a physical item, make sure you can do so as fast as your competitors, if not faster. Online shoppers are fickle creatures and your delivery time can lead them to settling on an inferior product elsewhere. Again, sad but true!

Go big on gift cards

And again, we’re now far more impatient shoppers for ourselves, so how much worse are we when shopping for other people? Well, if there’s one decent hangover from the real world shopping days, it’s the gift card. Gift cards are every unimaginative and/or lazy shopper’s dream come true – chuck a $30 gift card in an envelope and Bob’s your appreciative uncle.

And Bob now has no choice but to visit your site and buy something. Make sure your site has a wide range of gift cards to suit every budget and watch your online sales go through the virtual roof!

Get it all happening in 2020

All this might seem daunting and pricey, but it’s really not. Talk to us at Webserv and you’ll be surprised how quickly and easily your business can be right up to speed online.

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