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Australia has one of the highest percentages of smartphone users in the world. At least 80% of us use a mobile phone with the capacity to browse the internet – which means it’s now more important than ever to have a website that makes it easy for smartphone users to connect with your business.

At Webserv, our mobile web designs take into consideration the most important parts of building a mobile responsive website, such as navigation, image size, responsive or dedicated mobile platform, etc.

  • Keep up with Google’s mobile algorithm change
  • Have a user-friendly mobile site
  • Offer exclusive deals to smartphone users
  • Responsive, ready to use site
  • Retina display ready
  • Amazing sliders
mobile tablet design


Mobile and responsive site technology can take all content from your existing site including images, text, links, banners, etc., and make sure it translates seamlessly and navigates well on smaller screens.

This means your whole website will look different, depending on the size of the screen it’s viewed on.


Mobile and responsive sites improve data usage and load time speeds – a compact site viewed on a mobile will load much faster and use much less data than a full website.

The code we use takes into consideration the size of the screen, whether it’s a touch-screen, mobile phone memory, and other technical factors to ensure your website can be viewed clearly and function properly on a handheld device.

make sure your site


passes the mobile test

mobile website design


Having a mobile website will open up more opportunities for your business – content is kept simple, the user gets a customised experience, and customers can contact your business easily.

The question that should be on your mind is a simple one: “Will my client benefit from this?”

There’s no need to have a complex, overworked mobile website if your clients are unlikely to use it. In those cases, a simple responsive site is the more cost-effective solution.

However, if your clients are likely to use a mobile site (which is usually the case), having a mobile responsive site will help you pass Google’s mobile test – and secure a better website ranking on mobile phones.

mobile tablet design


  • Custom build your mobile site
  • Improve your chance of getting leads
  • Help Google help your business
  • Users will love your site
  • Be strategic with your mobile site
  • Be a part of the smartphone revolution
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