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Emails and Domains.

We take care of your emails and domain hosting.

Having reliable emails and domains is essential to every business.

At Webserv, we keep it simple for you and your business. Ideally, all of your services will come under the one banner.

Letting us take care of your email and domain hosting will make the process fast and effortless for you. We’ll know all the settings and configurations, and therefore won’t need to waste time by asking a third party for permissions, configurations or passwords.

We’ll set up your emails so that they work independently of your web-hosting, which allows for the highest level of flexibility and support.

Send emails anywhere anytime

Our domain hosting service.

At Webserv, we’ll buy, manage and renew your domain on behalf of your business. In many cases we’ll transfer your existing domain to our hosting to make the process easier for everyone.

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