Anyone can design a website, right?

Simple answer: yes, anyone can design a website with a bit of basic knowledge and one of those nifty templates floating around cyberspace.

Will it be an effective website? Well, it will be a cookie cutter website and look like thousands of others. Totally fine if your market isn’t very internet savvy; such as the retirement market (with all due respect).  

But let’s face it; the entire world now gets around with a phone in its face. Most are savvy and they do treat cyberspace like a shopping mall. If you show up with a shoddy storefront on your landing page, they’ll be onto you and gone in two seconds. Chances are they won’t be back.

So how do you create a site that inspires and motivates visitors to stay and, more importantly, buy your product or service?

Be clear on your website’s purpose

Before you even think about all those flashy headlines and images, be very clear about what your website is supposed to do. Is it unashamedly retail with a strong drive towards sales carts? Or is it a more subtle, brand-building platform designed to foster loyalty with a softer approach to sales?

Each has a very different look and feel. Get it wrong and you’re off a hopelessly mixed message start.

Keep it clean

Is cramming as much information on your landing page the way to go? No, it’s the way to go broke! A busy, cluttered landing page doesn’t make prospects think “Wow, this company has a lot going on!” It makes them thing “This company has no idea what they’re doing!”

Keep every page of your site clean and clutter-free with snappy headlines, concise copy and a few professional images.

Keep it simple

Make your site user-friendly with easy navigation from page to page, product to product. If you have loads of products or services in a variety of categories, split them into logical, easily searchable groups.

Most importantly, ensure your prospects can get where they want to go with a minimum of clicks.

Oh, and make sure your site isn’t only designed to be viewed on large screens. A mobile-friendly platform is a must.

Share what you know with free content

Free? How can imparting all your hard-earned knowledge and expertise for free help your business grow? Well, that’s exactly the point: if cold visitors read a blog that makes them think “Wow, these people know what they’re talking about!’ they’re halfway to becoming a customer.

Sure, hype your business on your landing page, about us page and supporting products and services pages. But that’s just you blowing your own salesy trumpet; it says nothing to any astute visitor about genuine knowledge.

So blog like crazy! Create a special section for new content and refresh it regularly with relevant business news and information.

Focus on SEO

Whether it’s your landing page sales blurb or latest blog, keywords are critical to driving traffic to your site. Keywords are words potential customers use to search for products and services on Google. Using the right ones cleverly helps your site to rank highly in searches.

If you’d like to delve deeper into ways your site can become a shining star in cyberspace, contact us for an obligation-free chat.

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